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DIY Floor Tile Rip Out & Tile Installation

DIY Floor Tile Rip Out.

Considering DIY floor tile rip out to save money and then hiring a tile setter later to do the tile installation?  Don’t do it!

Tearing out tile flooring  to install new tile may sound like a quick and easy project, but it is not.  Floor tile rip out  is nasty, dirty work that will give little sense of accomplishment and probably save you little money in the long run.

As a Port St. Lucie tile installer I often get called to bid tile jobs started by DIYers who have removed, or started to remove,  the old tile themselves. Their thinking was that their effort would, in the end, result in getting the complete tile job done for less money.  Often, they are wrong.  In a tile installation done property, every phase of the project must be completed perfectly. What is often  “good enough” for the DIYer is not good enough to produce a well laid tile floor.  Take a close look at image shown of a tile installation in progress .  Note the condition of the concrete where new tile has not yet been laid.  Until your work produces that level of preparation, your work is not complete.

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Floor Tile Removal, Port St. Lucie Flooring Removal

Floor Tile Removal Lesson Learned.

Floor Tile Removal & Installation by Boyer Tile

With 10+ years experience in floor tile removal and installation in St. Lucie County and the city of Port St. Lucie, I have removed thousands of square feet and literally tons of tile each year. Because floor tile removal is often the first step in the process of creating an expertly crafted installation, I have learned that it is imperative it be done right. That fact has to be recognized by the potential DIYer.

Floor tile removal is a messy, irritating job that requires brute force, heavy work and dangerous working conditions. Realization of these truths often comes to the DIY homeowner soon into the job. With so much work still in front of them they often become demoralized and the final product of their effort suffers. Truth be told, most DIYers don’t know what the job should look like when they have finished. The rationalization that “that’s good enough” comes way to early into the job.

Disposal of Floor Tile Debris in Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie County.

Removing an entire tile floor involves disposal of a large amount of tile.  Ceramic tiles and natural stone are heavy and massive.  Fortunately, Port St. Lucie will allow you to put floor tile debris on the curb, in bins, for them to haul away.  In other St. Lucie County areas, check their trash and building debris removal rules. You may need to rent a small dumpster or hire a trash hauler to remove the tile and debris from your property. Forethought will save time, money and aggravation.

Ceramic Floor Tile Removal & Installation by Boyer TileFlooring Removal / Rip Out.

Whether it is damaged tile repair or a complete rip out and installation of ceramic tile or natural stone flooring, Boyer Tile LLC is here for you.   When you need any floor removal service; be it vinyl floor removal, carpet removal, hardwood floor removal, tile floor removal, or removal of any flooring surface, let Boyer Tile  be your contractor.

Areas of specialty include existing flooring removal, ceramic tile and stone floor installation, kitchen and bathroom renovation, backslashes, counter tops, walls, and setting other inside and outside decorative stonework.

I set ceramic tile, travertine, granite, marble, porcelain, saltillo, mosaic tile, glazed tile, slate, flagstone, natural stone, pavers, tumbled stone, glass tile in all sizes, shapes & designs. I also float and waterproof all kind of surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, counter tops & backslash.

Experienced in complete bathroom remodeling, I have installed of sheet rock, hardiebacker and durock (cement board), glass block, shower pan, shower doors. You name it; I’ve tiled it.

I can help you select the proper material for your project and projects are accepted for both custom residential and commercial installations.

Boyer Tile LLC services Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Tradition, Torino, Tesoro, Lake Charles, Lake Forest, Magnolia Lakes, PGA Village, The Vineyards, St James Golf Club, The Cascades, Fort Pierce, the unincorporated areas of St. Lucie County and Vero Beach, Florida.

If you are looking for the highest quality workmanship at a competitive price, call me for a FREE job estimate.


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In St. Lucie County Boyer Tile LLC services Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Tradition, Torino, Tesoro, Lake Charles, Lake Forest, Magnolia Lakes, PGA Village, The Vineyards, St James Golf Club, The Cascades, and Fort Pierce.