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Ceramic Tile vs Porcelain Tile in 2016

Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile.

As a long time Port St. Lucie tile contractor, most of my tiling work has been setting ceramic tile, with porcelain tile being set to a lesser degree.  That trend has changed and porcelain is now the most popular tile. Ceramic Tile installed on the diagonal.I believe that popularity is based upon the perception that porcelain is a higher quality tile when compared to ceramic tile. That perception is basically wrong.   Ceramic vs. porcelain tile in Port St. Lucie’s homes  is a contest for respectability;  Ceramic tile gets short changed.

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Textured Tile Trend in 2016

Textured Tile are the hot trend in home surfacing in 2016.

With the introduction of new production technologies developed in 2015 in Europe, textured tile has come a long way.  New production technologies are blending artisan technique with ink jet printing technology to provide looks never before achieved. Tile trends in 2016 are now being dominated by shapes and textures.

Retailers are now stocking an assortment of textures, helping consumers transform their walls into design features. Waves, geometric patterns and floral motifs are all now readily available, each offering retailers and consumers a different look and feel.

Textured tile set 2016 tiling trends.
Textured  tile set 2016 tiling trends.

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Kitchen Floor Tile Selection

Ceramic kitchen floor tile Installation using karge format tile.

The selection of a flooring material for today’s kitchen is complicated by how one defines and occupies that living space.   Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyles.   In homes where food preparation is still the most important function of the kitchen, tile floors are a great choice.  But, a problem with kitchen floor tile selection does exist.  There are just so many design and material choices available. 🙂

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Tile floor styling schemes.

Tile floor styling.

A well thought out décor scheme should incorporate an equally inspiring tile floor styling design scheme.

A tile floor styling scheme using border tile with contrasting inlays.
Ceramic Floor Tile with a Bordered Inlay.

Developing such a floor design is really not a complex, time consuming process. By adding simple features or laying patterns your tile floor can quickly become a striking asset.  You can create a floor that is as unique as your style.

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Wood Look Tile Flooring | Wood Look Tile

Want the look of hardwood flooring with the durability of tile?

Consider installing wood look tile flooring.  It is stronger, more durable and will outlast hardwood.

Wood look tile flooring laid in herringbone pattern.
Large format porcelain tile laid in herringbone pattern.

Porcelain is the strongest and most durable tile material.  It has a longer life span than any hardwood floor. The benefits to having a tiled floor over a hardwood floor are significant.

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Tiling Trends and Design in 2016

Tiling Trends and Design in 2016.

The tile industry is at an exciting crossroads.

New production technologies are blending artisan technique with ink jet printing technology to provide looks never before achieved.

Tiling trends in 2015 were dominated by hexagonal shapes and textures. That trend continues.
Textured hexagonal tile set 2016 tiling trends.

Tiling  trends in 2015 were  dominated by hexagonal shapes and textures.  Those trends continue into 2016. Continue reading

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Install a Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash.

While the array of unique and expensive tile is vast and appealing, it is easy and inexpensive to achieve dramatic results when installing a kitchen backsplash.  For the most bang for the buck, ceramic tile is the ideal material for a tiled kitchen backsplash. From traditional tile to trendy glass, there are seemingly endless  choices for a kitchen backsplash. Nevertheless, tile is the most popular kitchen backsplash material.   Natural stone holds a fast-growing second.  While it is true that you can make just about any material work, ceramic tile is the product of choice in most homes today.

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Versailles Pattern | Tile Pattern Selection

The Classic Versailles Pattern.

Natural stone tile installation around pool, laid in a Versailles pattern.The Versailles Pattern, also known as French Pattern, is a classic and beloved pattern. The pattern typically consists of four sizes or five shapes that work together from a modular and repetitive standpoint.  With the interlocking of patterns, the Versailles Pattern is available in bundled ceramic tile and natural stone packages and is applicable for almost any interior or exterior space. Offering a warm and old-world look, the Versailles pattern bundles cater to any style. Continue reading

Tile Trends and Design

Tile Trends and Design in 2015.

Tile trends in 2015 are dominated by hexagonal shapes and textures.
Textured hexagonal tile set 2015 tile trends.

The tile industry is at an exciting crossroads. New production technologies are blending artisan technique with ink jet printing technology to provide looks never before achieved. Tile trends in 2015 are dominated by hexagonal shapes and textures.

Using ceramic and cement tile, thin formats and ink jet printer techniques, we now have wood-look, stone-look, and cement tile designs infused on porcelain tile. The look of wood, stone, metal, and pattern are being subtly blended onto tile to create sophisticated designs. The major supplies of these new products are the state-of-the-art factories of Spain and Italy. The rest of the world’s tile manufacturers are scrambling to catch the trend and get a piece of the action.

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Home Design Architecture

Home Design Architecture and Response.

Neuroscientists are uncovering how home design can make you smarter, faster, happier. Maybe even make you fall in love.

A spectacular home design with marble tiled floor and curved staircase. WOW!Several days ago I came across an image that struck me as the most impressive room I had ever seen. It was elegant and architecturally different from what I am accustomed. Yet, my attraction to that room was more the just that. It was like love at first sight. I really felt a need to know why I was so enamored. Was it inexplicable, like first love, or a hard-wired human response that everyone would likely share? As time was pressing, I let it go and went on with business at hand.

This morning, I came upon another image that, though not particularly elegant, still gave me a similar warm feeling. In this instance, the image was in a Pinterest post:

Master the Look: Mismatched Tile in the Bathroom.

Home design at its best. Mismatched tile produces lovely results.
Image found on Pinterest.

The original poster of the image, Teleometry, was struck by the geometric patterned tile on the floor, with matching shower curtain as the element that make this design stand out.

I found it striking in the depth the room gets with the round pattern next to the subway tile. It seemed to force the eye to focus on the rectangular bricks. Perhaps it was the soft, rounded shape of the subway tile in the near foreground.

This was getting interesting. So, I did some searching on the net and came up with research related to how neuroscience hints at how our surroundings affect feelings and behavior.

Architects have long known that the buildings in which we live, learn, work, and worship influence how we feel and act, setting the stage for quiet reflection, invigorating interaction, or inspiration. Now, neurobiology scientists have the tools and techniques to test what goes on in the brain as it responds to a particular architectural environment. Architects and neuroscientists are now beginning to grapple with these questions are are coming up with discoveries that have important implications for how we design spaces.

In an issue of Scientific American Mind, Emily Anthes describes how ceiling height, colors and other design factors influence attention and creativity.  A study by neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School found that faced with photographs of everyday objects, subjects instinctively preferred items with rounded edges over those with sharp angles.

And finally,  a study published in the journal Science found that we remember words and other details better when surrounded by red, and that we’re more creative and imaginative in the presence of blue.

For a more detailed analysis on this subject of home design, check out “Architecture with the Brain in Mind ” by John P. EberhardFAIA, and Brenda Patoine.

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