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Vero Beach Tiling Service

Vero Beach —  “Where the Tropics Begin.”

The life stype of the Treasure Coast.

Located in Indian River County, Vero Beach is part of a four-county region called the Treasure Coast.  The region was so named because of the numerous Spanish treasure ships that sunk off its shores. Other treasures exist in Vero Beach that are more easily found.

If golf, boating, beautiful weather and beaches are the treasure you are looking for, then Vero Beach is the place to be.   Indian River County lies between Brevard County to the north, St. Lucie  County to the South, and Okeechobee  and Osceola County to the West.  Indian Rivers’ municipalities consisting of Vero Beach and Sebastian.  Its average annual temperature of 73.2 degrees offers superb year round climate for work and play. Continue reading

Skilled St Lucie Contractors in Short Supply.

St Lucie Skilled Labor in Short Supply.

During the ongoing building recession that started in 2007, general contractors built very  few new homes in Port St. Lucie. That was just part of the worst economic crisis in decades that sent an economic aftershock rippled through the area’s residential construction industries. It affected everyone from building contractors to tile setters. Those skilled laborers who had no roots here and could leave St. Lucie County did just that.  Of those who stayed, only the strong survived.St Lucie Tiling Contractors are in short supply in Port St. Lucie.

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Tile Flooring in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie Rates Tile Flooring Highly.

Ceramic tile offers unmatched beauty, durability and practicality for Port St. Lucie residents.  Tile is one of the most durable and maintenance friendly surfaces you can choose for your floors. It will retain its original beauty and luster for years.  Easy to clean,  tile is perfect for areas where spills occur or become dirty from heavy traffic. Tile flooring harbors no dust mites, pollen, mold or mildew that can cause allergic reactions. Being resistant to mold and mildew, tile floors are perfect for bathrooms. Where heavy duty cleaning occurs daily and where hardwood or laminate floors are not practical, tile flooring meets the challenge.

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Tiling Projects by St lucie County Tiling Contractor

Tiling projects by licensed tiling contractor.

For all your tiling projects needs, Boyer Tile LLC has them covered.  From our home base in Port St. Luce, Boyer Tile services Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Tradition, Torino, Tesoro, Lake Charles, St James Golf Club, Magnolia Lakes, The Cascades, PGA Village, The Vineyards, White City,  and all unincorporated areas of St. Lucie County.

With over twenty years experience, we have worked with ever facet of the tiling trade, from marble and ceramic tile to glass, metal and eco-friendly tile.  Areas of specialty include ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiled floors and walls, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, backsplashes, entryways, and other decorative stone structures. We can help you pick out the perfect pool tile, floor tile and wall tile.

As a master craftsman whose standard is quality work and exceptional service, my goal is to provide my clients with tile and stone installations that will last for generations.  Whatever your tiling projects needs may be, you can rest assured of my competence, professionalism, and expertise. You’ll be completely satisfied from first contact through fast, professional installation to project completion.

From tiled flooring to mosaic backsplashes, I have covered every surface, beautifully.  I can install sinks, glass tile, mosaics, ceramic tile, porcelain, decorative tile, metals, marble, brick tile, slate, terracotta, travertine, stone, limestone, pebbles and more. The choice is yours; the promise is mine.

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Port St. Lucie Tiling Services

Port St. Lucie Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.

Port St. Lucie Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.
Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.

Your Port St. Lucie home is your cherished asset. It’s not only where you live but also an important investment in your future. When you hire someone to install tile or do any remodeling work to your home, you’re putting a lot of trust in their hands. At Boyer Tile we appreciate that trust and recognize our responsibilities. Just as Port St. Lucie is your home, it is ours as well. That is one reason why we take extra care of our customers and offer exceptional workmanship.

Quality work is our Hallmark and our goal is complete customer satisfaction. No matter what size the tiling job, we take measures to ensure that it’s done properly. We treat each and every customer as we treat a friend. The job isn’t finished until you tell us that it’s absolutely perfect.

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Florida Tile Setters’ Labor Day 2014

Florida Tile Setters' labor-day 2014Florida Tile Setters’ Labor Day 2014

If you are a Florida tile setter and working this Labor Day, consider yourself lucky.  While the national unemployment rate is currently at 6.2 percent, the unemployment rate on Florida’s Treasure Coast is near 6.4 percent.   The outbreak of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis and financial crisis of 2007–08 that brought on the the global recession of 2009 is having a continued influence into 2014.

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Port St Lucie Hurricane Wake up Call

Port St Lucie Hurricane Wake up Call.

The first named Atlantic tropical storm of the 2014 season, Tropical Storm Arthur, formed off Florida’s Treasure Coast this morning.  It will move north to northeast along the East Coast over the next few days, according to the National Hurricane Center. A tropical storm watch is in effect for the east coast of Florida from Fort Pierce to Flagler Beach.
Port St Lucie Wake-up call - Hurricane Arthur

A steady increase in southwesterly steering flow over the southeastern United States is expected to gradually turn the tropical cyclone northward over the next 24-36 hours, and then accelerate the system faster toward the northeast on Thursday and Friday.

The latest National Hurricane Center forecast has Arthur becoming a minimal Category 1 hurricane by 8 a.m. Friday, when it will be over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is forecast to stay at Category 1 strength with winds of 75 mph through 8 a.m. Saturday, when it will be out to sea off the coast of Massachusetts.

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St. Lucie County Economic Recovery

St. Lucie County Economic Recovery 2014.

Back in 2013, Florida crossed over from lagging behind the national recovery to getting out in front. The decline in unemployment from 8.0 percent in January 2013 to 6.1 percent in January 2014 was driven by new jobs. The state’s labor force showed a small increase of 29,000, but the number of unemployed declined by 172,000.

Those statistics were impressive for the state of Florida, as a whole, but St. Lucie County didn’t, for the most part, take part in that growth.  Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce’s economy remained stagnant. Continue reading

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Installation

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Installation.

Why settle for ordinary when you can create a striking look with backsplash tile? A tiled kitchen backsplash is a great addition to any home.  It is functional, decorative and a personality piece that can serve as the kitchen’s focal point.  Its installation is an opportunity to be creative.

As it is the focal point of many homes, even the most cost-conscious homeowner may decide to add a stylish touch to their kitchen. If you’re in the process of designing a kitchen or bathroom, consider the versatility and elegance backsplash tile has to offer. A tiled backsplash will protect kitchen walls from moisture and  reduce mold, mildew and bacteria formations.  All tile materials are heat resistant and would function well behind the stove. Continue reading

St. Lucie Contractor vs Dengue Mosquito

Port Saint Lucie Dengue Mosquitoes – Morphing from Pest to Danger.

Port Saint Lucie contractor vs Port St. Lucie's Dengue Mosquitoes. Morphing from Pest to Danger.As a Port Saint Lucie contractor who often works in homes open to the outdoors, I have become something of an expert on the behavior of  St. Lucie County mosquitoes.  I recently read an article written by an authority on Dengue Fever describing the behavior of the mosquitoes that carries that disease. They are the same gals that I have to deal with regularly.  These mosquitoes are really smart and fast.  They hide from the light, tend to hit still targets, and attack and bite quickly and then go back  to hiding.

Now, locally acquired cases of dengue fever are being reported in Fl Continue reading