Tile & Stone Decor in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Tile and stone decor in kitchen and bathrooms are standard fare in Port St. Lucie homes.

Tile & Stone Decor in Kitchens & Bathrooms.

The advantages of tile and stone decor in kitchens and bathrooms is its versatility, elegance and simplicity of maintenance. Adding tile invigorates interior and exterior spaces, creating beautiful accents that impress all who see it. No matter how you look at it, whether using ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles as an accent or as the whole floor covering, ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles add an elegance and beauty.

In the kitchen, ceramic and porcelain tile will stand up to the normal activity and spills without having to worry about replacing them. Natural stone decor in kitchens, once properly sealed, function just as well as ceramic and porcelain tile.

Stone Decor in Kitchens.

Mosaic tile around curved windows and rectified tile on walls.
Tile on every surface. Very Impressive!

One of the biggest advantages of choosing stone tiles in kitchen floors is the versatility.  You can pick from marble, slate, Terra-cotta, and granite. Because natural stone is heavy, if you choose to cover the entire floor in any of these materials, you will want to be sure your kitchen sub floor can support the weight of the tiles you choose.

Natural stone is expensive compared to ceramic and porcelain tile and other floor coverings. While they will last forever and look amazing doing it, because of the expense, many people choose to use these tiles as accents. For instance, you could create a border and center pieces using stone tiles and fill in the rest with more affordable ceramic or porcelain tiles. You end up with a beautiful, unique floor without the high cost of all stone tiles.

Another area where ceramic and porcelain tile work well is the counter top decorative tile back-splash. Because color is a very psychologically powerful thing that stimulates the brain, a distinctive tile back-splash has the  ability to create a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. The area that a back-splash covers is really not so large, so your expense is small compared to the visual impact you achieve. Kitchens that are really used get their share of splatters and drips, so a porcelain or ceramic tile, mosaic glass tile, stainless steel or creative metal back-splash makes good sense.

Available in different colors, designs and materials, these tiles are increasingly gaining popularity and decorative back-splash tiles allow you to envision your dreams and create the kitchen that you desire. Kitchen back-splash tiles have become an integral part of modern day homes.

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