Tile Maintenance – Ceramic Tile Maintenance FAQs

Tile Maintenance FAGs.

Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile?

A glazed tile is already stain proof, so there is no purpose to putting on a sealer. You may put a penetrating sealer on your unglazed tile or your grout joints. The penetrating sealer is an invisible, stain resistant shield that is absorbed into the surface.

Should ceramic tile be waxed?

Glazed tile should never be waxed. The purpose of the glaze is to give you a maintenance-free floor. If you wax the glaze, you will create more work for yourself. To keep your tile looking new, use a small amount of vinegar in warm water, plus a clean rinse.

What is used to remove grout haze from tile?Ceramic Tile with Custom Inlays need little tile maintenance.

Most grouts today are polymer modified, which means they have a latex in them. Use a latex grout film remover for cleaning grout haze from tile surfaces. Do not use muriatic acid.  Muriatic acid is one of the names for hydrochloric acid. It is also known as spirits of salt or acidum salis. ”

Can I vacuum ceramic floor tile?

Yes, but don’t use a beater bar, often considered part of the rug attachment, because it can damage the floor tile.

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