Tiling Workmanship & Warranty

Tiling Workmanship is Art.

Thoughtful Tiling Workmanship is Art.

A well-made thing is a work of art;  anything less is nothing.  It may be a well tiled floor, a well-built stone fireplace or a rock wall.

Art is not special material applied to an ordinary construction; it is in the application itself, if it is good.

Most simply and generally art may be thought of as the well-doing of what needs doing. Tile setting is not just a trade, but a craft. Getting the job right takes skill and a skillfully created job is art.

ceramic tiling project set on 40 foot high wall.
Ceramic Tiling Set on 40 Foot High Wall

As a craftsman, I stand behind my work and provide a warranty to prove it.  To insure you feel confident in my ability to do the job correctly, all tiling installations come with a two-year guarantee to be free from defect resulting from poor workmanship. Peace of mind, while making an investment in your home or business, is my hopes to afford my clients.

The goal is to provide to you, the Port St. Lucie home owner or buyer, the best and most appropriate tiling service for your needs. I can help you select the proper tile for your particular needs and job consultation is free. Projects are accepted for both new and preexisting homes.

Searching for a Professional and Affordable Tile installation Service?

You’ve come to the right place!  If your looking for a tile installation with permanence and artistry, look no further. You have found a tile setter who is passionate about my craft. When considering tile installation for your home in Port Saint Lucie the issue should never be who is cheapest, but rather who is best.

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Tiling Workmanship –  Floor Tile Installation.

My tiling service areas include Port St. Lucie (PSL), Fort Pierce, Stuart and Vero Beach.

In St. Lucie County Boyer Tile LLC services Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Tradition, Torino, Tesoro, Lake Charles, Lake Forest, Magnolia Lakes, PGA Village, The Vineyards, St James Golf Club, The Cascades, and Fort Pierce.

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